The Next Canon 5D

It’s inevitable. It’s the next camera in Canon’s DSLR lineup due for replacement. The Canon 5D was announced on August 22, 2005. That’s 2+ years already. My guess is that the Canon 5D is a prime candidate for replacement at PMA 2008 (Jan. 31-Feb. 2) – that would make a 2 1/2 year life span for the 5D. Of course, it could also show up at Photokina 2008 (Sept. 23-28) instead, making it a 3 year ordeal.

The Canon Rebel and 10D-40D series have been on a consistent 18 month replacement schedule. The pro-level 1D and 1Ds series have been subject to longer replacement schedules overall. Being a first generation camera in its class, the Canon 5D has no precedent to follow. It is really more of a high-amateur/semi-pro level body. The 5D remains in a class of its own, although Nikon has began to apply a little pressure by finally entering the full-frame market with the Nikon D3. However, the 5D’s current price point at around $2500 is significantly less than the Nikon’s MSRP of $5000.

That said, 2 1/2 or 3 years is a long time in DSLR world. The Canon 5D is missing some features that are “standard” on the current generation of Canon’s other DSLRs:

  • Live View
  • Dust Reduction Sensor
  • 3″ LCD (the 5D has a 2.5″ LCD)

I expect to see these features as a gimme and maybe a 2MP or so boost, up to 14-15MP. I imagine that there would be a few other tweaks along the way; however, I don’t really expect the current “form” to change a great deal. It’s most likely to be an evolution of the current generation 5D (e.g., 30D to 40D).

I imagine now that all the buzz of the Canon 40D and Nikon’s new cameras have died down, we’ll start to hear rumblings, rumors and speculations of the Canon 5D Mark II, 6D or whatever it’s called. I’ll update this post as word comes along. Stay tuned.

Follow the rumors for the Canon 5D Mark II on this page

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  1. rygood says

    I hope they leak some details soon! I\'ve been following this closely, and the chatter has been so low its ridiculous. Either Canon is staying extremely tight lipped or its not too close on the horizon. Either way, the successor to the 5D will be my next camera purchase, now if they would just release it…

  2. says

    I hope they leak some details soon! I’ve been following this closely, and the chatter has been so low its ridiculous. Either Canon is staying extremely tight lipped or its not too close on the horizon. Either way, the successor to the 5D will be my next camera purchase, now if they would just release it…

  3. says

    One more things, more than bigger LCD or Liveview in my priority list for the next 5D is weather seals. I am seriously considering switching to Nikon’s D3 if Canon can’t come up with anything like the 1D series weatherproofness. Now, even the cheaper Pentax K10D has weather seals, Nikon’s cheaper D300 has it… what’s the point if I want to shoot digital in the rain? I am a proud Canon owner for over 15 years, from my trusted 50E to 1v and now the 5D. I have to say that I am very impressed with 5D’s capability and quality but I miss the overall experience of my 1v (still have it). I couldn’t take my 5D to an area where it’s wet and dusty… so I bought myself a K10D instead, which is probably the cheapest weatherproof DSLR on the market. It impresses me too but I just hope that the next 5D will be weatherproof… otherwise, all my ‘L’ lenses wouldn’t make sense in poor weather conditions.

  4. says

    I have to agree with JC. I’m currently waiting for an estimate to repair my 5D. All I know is that it has some internal corrosion. No idea how bad it is, or if it will be economical to repair.

    I’ve bought another 5D as I have jobs to do. The 1D is too expensive and frankly too physically big.

    If the replacement for the current 5D does not have good sealing, then yeah I have some thinking to do.

    I live in Scotland. It rains a lot. I need a camera that can survive the odd shower.

  5. Mark says

    About the weather sealing thing. If that’s a concern and your not loaded with L glass. You might want to look into the Olympus E3. I’ve had much success with it in all conditions and the Pro ZD glass is remarkable. I just didn’t see the full frame advantage without serious environmental sealing in my line of work. I did rent a 5D.
    It’s seemed like a real low grade shell built around this larger sensor. I cropped on most of the shots I made with it. With the E3 I go so much more in a military grade body. The 4/3 sensor is a great format. No need to crop. Compositions made complete in camera no cropping needed. Don’t get me wrong. The 5D a fine camera, but it’s not the complete tool. If you can deal with that. got for it. But it really needs substantial improvements if they want my vote for a serious outdoor photographers axe.

  6. says

    I am a Canon fan, but wonder how long would it be before we see an upgrade to the 40D and 5D.
    Canon did a nice job by putting more power into the beginners hand with the 450D but being a 400D user I would rather upgrade to the next level. However its very dissapointing to see that Canon is making its loyal customers wait too long.
    Should one be considering moving into Nikon D300 instead, rather than wait any longer? Or better still what if Nikon comes up with an D80 upgrade before Canon?
    I am sure that Canon has the upgrades in hand, just dont understand why they are taking the risk of loosing customers to competetion by delaying the launch…..
    Wake up guys…..the customers patience is running out….

  7. says

    I’m a Canon User. Currently shoot with a 20D and a few decent lenses. For my purpose 20/30/40D not good enough to compare with Nikon’s mid-range to high-end offerings as I want to go commercial.

    I’m seriously considering walking over to the “Dark Side”. Canon has nothing – at this moment – to combat the Nikon D300 and D700. We’ve been waiting for ages for the 5D’s successor. Even if its better than the D700, what will it cost? Why doesn’t Canon have a camera between the 5D and 40D to compete with the likes of Nikon’s D300 or even Sony’s A700.

    Then also, being a portrait and wedding photographer it is clear that Nikon has the upper hand in Flash Systems & Skin tones.

    Sorry Canon, but I think that Nikon has the edge…


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