Zeikos Battery Grip for Canon 60D Now Available

For those Canon 60D owners out there looking for a cheaper battery grip, the Zeikos grip for the Canon 60D just arrived at B&H Photo.

While I haven’t tested the Zeikos grip with the Canon 60D, I compared the Zeikos and Canon grips for the 5D Mark II.  There isn’t as much of a price disparity between the 60D grips as there was with the 5D Mark II grips; however, at $100, the Zeikos for the 60D is still almost half the price of the Canon version.


Canon 5D Mark II Battery Grips: BG-E6 vs. Third-Party Grips

Canon 5D Mark II Battery Grip

The Canon BG-E6 battery grip serves a couple of different purposes for the 5D Mark II.  As the name implies, it holds batteries – either two LP-E6 lithium-ion batteries or 6 AA batteries in the included battery holder.  Likewise, the BG-E6 serves as a grip for handling the camera in portrait orientation, featuring controls for the shutter release, scroll wheel, and focus point adjustments, among others.

Canon 5D Mark II Battery Grips

The BG-E6 is a nice accessory to have; however, it runs $250.  For some, that’s a little steep for a battery grip.  Third party grips are much more affordable at less than $100, but are they worth the compromise? This question comes up on forums quite a bit and finds its way in my inbox now and then.

In this little exercise, we are going to take a look at the Canon BG-E6 grip and see how a couple of third party grips from Vivitar and Zeikos stack up against it.

[UPDATE:  I’ve supplemented this review with a review of the Vello BG-C2 and BG-C4 grips for the Canon 5D Mark II and 7D.]

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