Lexar Jumps on XQD Memory Card Bandwagon


XQD Memory Card

Lexar will begin supporting the XQD memory card format this year.  Lexar has plans to bring XQD cards to market in third quarter 2012.

Currently, the only camera supporting the XQD format is the Nikon D4 and Sony is the only XQD card manufacturer with cards on store shelves, including Sony’s second batch of new S Series 168MB/s cards that are available for pre-order.

No word on pricing, but expect Lexar to be in the same ballpark as Sony during these early months of availability – with Sony starting at $130 for a 16GB card (an H Series at 125MB/s).

Maybe Lexar has word on “future XQD-based camera models” mentioned in its press release that will increase demand for the new format.  My money is on the next Sony full frame model (the A99?) to feature at least one XQD card slot.  Expect to hear more about XQD format support (SanDisk, Kingston?) and new camera models in the coming weeks as we lead up to Photokina 2012.

Check out Lexar’s full press release on upcoming XQD card support below. [Read more…]

Sony XQD ‘S Series’ Memory Cards Deliver 168MB/s Data Transfer

Sony XQD S Series

Sony has announced a new S Series XQD card that will give photographers read and write speeds of 168MB/s.  The existing H Series XQD card is rated at 125MB/s. Of course, the only camera to currently utilize the new XQD format is the Nikon D4.

With the new S Series cards, the Nikon D4 will be able to capture a burst of 108 RAW images at 10 fps.  As Sony notes, “this lets photographers document the men’s 100m sprint final from start to finish in a single, sustained burst of RAW images.”

The 64GB S Series XQD card will ship later this month.  And, a 32GB model will be available in the September/October time frame.

CompactFlash Assoc. Unveils XQD Memory Cards

XQD Memory Card

The CompactFlash Association announced a new XQD standard for CF cards.  The new standard is based on the PCIe standard and should offer 125MB/s data transfer speeds out of the gate – with much faster possibilities later down the line.

Speed isn’t the only thing that has changed though.  The XQD cards (I’m guessing that’s what we’ll call them… but couldn’t we have stuck to only 2 letters?) are a completely different physical format, which means they won’t work in any current camera. [Read more…]