Fuji XQ1 is a Compact Camera with a X-Trans II Sensor

Fuji XQ1

The new Fujifilm XQ1 was introduced alongside the Fuji X-E2 mirrorless camera. The XQ1 is a compact camera that features Fuji’s unique 12MP X-Trans II CMOS sensor, albeit at a much smaller 2/3″ sensor format. Even though it has a smaller sensor, the XQ1 should stand as a direct competitor to the popular Sony RX100. [Read more…]

Fuji to Expand X-Series with XQ1 and X-E2 Due October 18

Fuji X-E1

Recent rumors and leaks suggest that Fuji will be releasing two new S-Series cameras in the lead up to PhotoPlus 2013 at the end of October. The Fuji X-E2 should replace the popular Fuji X-E1 mirrorless camera.

Additionally, the Fuji XQ1 is expected to be a compact version of the Fuji X20, using the same 12MP 2/3″ X-Trans II sensor. This could be Fuji’s shot at the prosumer market that’s been so enamored with Sony’s RX100 cameras.

Both cameras are rumored to be announced on October 18.

[via Fuji Rumors]