Fuji X200 Coming to CES 2013?

It looks like the excellent Fuji X100 is finally getting a proper successor. A recent article on the Fuji X-E1, written by Tony Bridge (who is sponsored by Fujifilm), mentioned that the replacement for the X100 is due out “early next year.” Given Fuji’s historically solid showing at CES, there’s a good chance that the next X-series camera with a leaf shutter will show up at CES 2013 in the first few days of January. [Read more…]

Mastering the Fuji X100 – New Book

Mastering the Fuji X100

Mastering the Fuji X100 is a new book from photographer Michael Diechtierow.  As the title implies, the book covers the features and capability of the X100 with an aim to help the reader maximize the potential of the camera.

Mastering the Fuji X100 retails for $29.95; however, it is currently available for $19.37 on Amazon.com.