Interview with Pro Sports Shooter Delly Carr

Sony UK was kind enough to help out with access to Delly Carr, who chaired the panel of judges for the Sony World Photography Awards, for a quick interview on sports photography, photo gear and the digital imaging revolution. I encourage you to visit Mr. Carr’s site,, and peruse his portfolio a bit before diving into the interview.  It’s good stuff.

I see plenty of football (or soccer as we call it) images in your portfolio; however, there are also many stellar images from swimming, tennis, and other sports. So, what’s your favourite sport to shoot, and why?

Favourite sports ……. that’s a tough one. I am the biggest armchair sportsman around, so I love shooting anything within the sporting world. Anything that has water involved tends to sway towards favouritism I guess. But if I had to call just one sport, then it would be Triathlon. Three sports in one … swimming, cycling, and running, and then throw in some guts and glory into that mix. That’s why I love it so much.

Are you shooting with the Nikon D3 now or still on the D2x?

Shooting with the D3 right now.

How has the low light performance changed your shooting with the Nikon D3 as compared to the D2x?

In sports, shoots are conducted in the whole spectrum of lighting. Sunlight, low light, nighttime, stadium lighting etc etc. Being able to shoot in low light, without sacrificing quality. without sacrificing shutter speeds, without sacrificing apertures, is an absolute blessing. I now know the reason for missing a pic lies solely with me. And that has added fire into my belly. [Read more…]