18 Ritz Camera Stores Reopen Under New Ownership After Bankruptcy

Last Sunday, 18 Ritz Camera stores reopened after bankruptcy auction with new ownership. C&A Marketing Inc. purchased the Ritz Camera Family of brands including Ritz Camera, Camera World, Wolf Camera, Inkley’s Photo and Camera West during the September 2012 bankruptcy auction. This included all the retail stores, supporting websites and social media accounts, as well as the RitzPix.com online imaging business. [Read more…]


Ritz Camera Store Closings

Ritz Camera Centers, Inc. (the brick and mortar stores, not the online stores) is going to start liquidating stores on Saturday, April 4, 2009 as part of its reorganization process. Over 300 stores across the nation will be closing. As a result, you may be able to find some deals in the coming weeks.

See the press release below for more details. Additionally, a complete list of store locations that are closing is listed below. [Read more…]