Nikon D3200 and WU-1a Wireless Adapter

Nikon D3200 with WU-1a

Nikon D3200 with WU-1a

Check out the video below of the Nikon D3200 and WU-1a wireless adapter, which gives control over the D3200 to your mobile device.  While it’s not in English, it still gives you a pretty clear idea on how the interface will look and act.  Anyone interested in using this once it hits the street next month? [Read more…]

Canon Developing Wireless Remote Sync Cameras, 30fps Still Shooting a Possibility

Canon 1Ds Mark IV

Not only is Canon looking to put wireless TTL radio flash sync in future cameras, it is also working on technology to sync remote cameras with your primary camera.

According to a recently published patent application, Canon may be putting wireless camera syncing inside a future 1D/1Ds series body. We saw a hint of this in an earlier patent application, but this more recent application sheds some light on the breadth of the features. [Read more…]