ColorRight v.4 Custom White Balance Tool

The ColorRight custom white balance tool has been updated to a 4th version, which features a semi-transparent plastic center piece, instead of glass in the former version.  Likewise, the outer ring is now a hard plastic shell instead of metal.  (Update: The ring is metal, but it feels better than the old version.) [Read more…]


ColorRight Review at Wired

Wired has posted a quick review of the ColorRight white balance tool.

Results in the field are fantastic; we had no issue with balancing various hues up perfectly. And though it may sound a bit complicated to work through, it’s not – once you nail the process it takes mere seconds to dial the right color balance.

Also, check out Photography Bay’s in-depth ColorRight Review.

ColorRight Review – Custom White Balance Gets Easy

I must admit. I’m one of those guys that shoots in RAW and only uses the Auto White Balance (AWB) setting. When my DSLR misses the white balance of a scene, I “simply” make adjustments in post processing. Boy did I have it all wrong – until the folks at ColorRight said I had to give their product a try.

What is ColorRight?

ColorRight is a tool for properly setting custom white balance on your DSLR. It looks much like a lens filter with a dark ring and partially see-through hole inside the filter glass. Placing the ColorRight tool over the end of your DSLR and taking a sample shot gives your DSLR an accurate reading of the temperature of the light in your scene. All subsequent shots taken with your DSLR under those lighting conditions will have an accurate white balance. [Read more…]