Wedding Photographer Falls in Lake as Bride & Groom Walk the Aisle

Just after this bride and groom took their first few steps as husband and wife, their wedding photographer fell in the lake. I can’t help but feel sorry for this lady and really all involved.

The “Oh NO!” scream she utters as she knew what was coming is just painful. There are so many things to fear in that instance, the least of which is yourself getting wet. The damage to the camera and digital images you’ve already captured that day is certainly a concern. And, of course, as a wedding photographer, you want the day to be as little as possible about you and more about the bride, groom and their family and friends. All of that goes out the window when an accident like this happens.

I think we officially have a new top video for wedding photographer falls. The previous king of the hill being this poor photographer who took a trip into a water fountain (also during the recessional).

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Watch This GoPro-equipped Quadcopter Fly Into a Groom’s Head

I’m sure it seemed like a good idea for a cool shot… Do a close fly-by with a DJI Phantom packing a GoPro as the bride and groom cozy up for some wedding photos…

But then, the drone smacks the groom square in the head.

DJI Phantom

A DJI Phantom like the one used in the above video.

Fortunately, the groom is ok and took it all in good humor. No quadcopters on the honeymoon though…

If you are going to shoot quadcopter videos, be safe folks. Practice, practice, practice before you go live with this stuff. As Mike Tyson once said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

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Wedding Photographer Bolts After Lightning Bolt

I’m not a fan of lightning either, which is why I don’t blame this wedding photographer one bit for getting the heck out of there after lightning strikes behind the wedding party.

At least the bride and groom were good sport about the sorry weather they had for their beach wedding. Check out the rather wet processional in the below video.

Anyone else have close encounters with lightning during a shoot?

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10 Common Compositions in Wedding Photography

The expectations in quality and artistry for wedding photographers have increased over the years with the influx of competition and increase in overall pricing. Not only are they expected to capture each moment and deliver great portraits, but they’re also expected to bring a high level of creativity under time constraints and less-than ideal lighting conditions. Unique, diverse compositions are a cornerstone to delivering work in-line with these high expectations.

The following article goes over common compositions in wedding photography. They should not be thought of in terms of rules, as rules are generally restricting. These compositions should instead be thought of as guides to help you expand your repertoire of shots and serve as a baseline from which you apply your own vision and creativity. [Read more…]