Watch this Officiant Stop a Wedding to Tell the Wedding Photographer to Leave

Wedding Officiant Asks Photographer to Leave

Oh man, this is just painful to watch. I feel bad for the bride and groom, who are clearly caught off guard by the exchanged.

Muffled in the background, you can hear the photographer ask them “Do you want me to leave?” After the bride responds, the photographer and videographer move out.

Poor form on the officiant for sure. However, the photographer and videographer could have avoided being the center of attention (regardless of whether they were in the right) by taking two minutes to speak with the officiant beforehand – an exchange that should happen before any wedding ceremony.

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Canon vs. Nikon Debate Turns Violent at Wedding

These guys were apparently shooting a wedding when something went very, very wrong.

Since they are apparently speaking Russian, I can only speculate as to the source of the disagreement; however, I’m pretty sure it originated with a derogatory comment from the Nikon D700 user about the Canon 5D Mark II user’s autofocusing capabilities.

Save that stuff for the forums guys.

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Digital Wedding Photographer’s Planner – Book Review

Digital Wedding Photographer's Planner

Digital Wedding Photographer’s Planner is a book by photographer Kenny Kim.  The book has an apt title.  It really is a “planner” for wedding photographers.

What the book doesn’t do is give you a bunch of technical how-to’s for shooting weddings.  Instead, Kenny Kim provides a walk-through of shooting a wedding – from meeting the client, to shooting the engagement session, to all the parts of the wedding itself. [Read more…]

WPPI 2010 News


WPPI is coming to Las Vegas at the MGM Convention Center March 4-11, 2010.  WPPI has announced an anniversary party on March 8, along with further information about the educational opportunities at the show.

You can check out registration information at

More details in the press releases below. [Read more…]

Spot On: Flom Designs and Photography

One of the things I love about blogs is the interaction that you get from readers.  Recently, Photography Bay featured a reader-created version of Free Links Friday.  Photographer Emily Law missed the deadline on getting a link to her site, Flom Designs and Photography, listed on that particular post; however, she took the time to comment and included a link to her site, which I followed and became quite engrossed for a short while in her photography and story.

I love visiting sites of other photographers and to hear about their journeys in life as a photographer.  Emily, who seems to be an avid YouTube user, has the above video from a local Fox network news story featured on the “who I am” section of her site.

Let me also point you to the link that Emily provided, which included wedding photos from a recent job.  See them here.  Emily said that this image is one of her favorites in a long time.

If you missed out on the Promote Your Blog for Free offerings a couple of weeks back, stay tuned.  There will be another one coming up soon.  You can make sure you don’t miss the next one by subscribing to Photography Bay’s RSS feed via the link below.