Vimeo Adds Monetization with Tip Jar, Pay-to-View Coming Soon

Vimeo finally added a monetization mechanism for user videos. Vimeo’s new Tip Jar lets viewers donate funds on Vimeo Plus and Pro users’ videos.  The account holder keeps 85% of the donated tips, with the remaining 15% going to Vimeo.

The Tip Jar is already live and Plus and Pro members can activate the feature in their account now.  The Tip Jar is rolling out ahead of an upcoming pay-to-view service for Pro subscribers in 2013.  Both features could be quite a boon for indie filmmakers.

If you want to read more about it, Vincent Laforet has a great post on the new feature, as does Ryan Koo over at No Film School.


Canon Video Contest Film Lands at Sundance

Canon’s video contest, “The Story Beyond the Still,” which has been cooking along for a year now, will culminate in the debut of the short film created by contestants and Vincent Laforet at the Sundance Film Festival this Sunday.  The complete short film will be available on the Sundance Channel and on Monday.

Read up on the history of the film and see the chapters individually on

Canon “Story Behind the Still” Contest

Canon is holding a new contest for aspiring filmmakers that gives you a chance to win a Canon 7D, 5D Mark II or some Canon lenses.  Vincent Laforet has created a new short film, Cabbie (seen above), but you have to pick up with the subsequent chapters based on the still image provided by Laforet at the end of Cabbie.  Laforet and other all star film makers will pick the winning chapters after Cabbie for a total of seven chapters (six winners).

The deadline for chapter 2 is February 11.

You can get details in the press release below and over on the Vimeo group, Beyond the Still. [Read more…]