Watch This Time Lapse of Seoul, South Korea that Took 3 Years to Make

Photographer Noe Alonzo captured close to 3TB of images over the course of three years to make this time lapse tour of Seoul, South Korea.

As he puts it, “Three years of no social life, three years of ditching my friends and events and ignoring my girlfriend so I could be out on some roof. I’d say each shot was on average 6 hours of work. Some shots I reshot 4-5 times until I got it right.”

The gear he cites as used on this project includes: [Read more…]


Blackmagic Design Studio Cameras Get Price Drops

Blackmagic Studio Camera

Blackmagic Design has dropped the prices on its Studio Camera HD and Studio Camera 4K models. The HD model will reduce in price by $300 and the Ultra HD model will reduce in price by $500.

The HD Blackmagic Studio Camera model is now $1,695 and the Ultra HD Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K model is now $2,495.

Blackmagic notes that the reason for the price drop is based on customer feedback regarding the lack of use of the fiber connection. Blackmagic has removed the connection from the cameras and made it an aftermarket accessory that can simply be plugged into the camera.

Personally, I think the biggest detraction from the studio cameras is the lack of lens options. Sure there are plenty of Micro Four Thirds cameras in the world and you can buy an adapter for virtually any other lens mount. However, many users would like to put studio B4 lenses on these cameras and that is just a clunky option.

If Blackmagic had built these cameras with a 2/3″ sensor and a native B4 lens mount, I don’t think they could make them fast enough. Sometimes, a bigger sensor is not always the best option.

How to Get Good Audio for Periscope


If you haven’t heard of Periscope, it’s the latest social media product from Twitter that allows you to live stream video from your iPhone or Android smartphone.

One of the difficulties however is capturing good audio for your viewers since it is captured on something like the iPhone. Now, the iPhone does okay in for delivering audio to Periscope when you are in a quiet setting . . . but add some ambient noise and the experience is less than ideal.  [Read more…]

Wedding Photographer Falls in Lake as Bride & Groom Walk the Aisle

Just after this bride and groom took their first few steps as husband and wife, their wedding photographer fell in the lake. I can’t help but feel sorry for this lady and really all involved.

The “Oh NO!” scream she utters as she knew what was coming is just painful. There are so many things to fear in that instance, the least of which is yourself getting wet. The damage to the camera and digital images you’ve already captured that day is certainly a concern. And, of course, as a wedding photographer, you want the day to be as little as possible about you and more about the bride, groom and their family and friends. All of that goes out the window when an accident like this happens.

I think we officially have a new top video for wedding photographer falls. The previous king of the hill being this poor photographer who took a trip into a water fountain (also during the recessional).

[via PetaPixel]