Shooting Alex Honnold’s Free Climb Up the 1600′ Sentinel

Alex Honnold

As I was flipping through the channels tonight, I landed on 60 Minutes’ feature on Alex Honnold, who free climbs up huge rock faces.  He does stuff without a rope that no other person can do – or at least is willing to do.

The story alone is compelling enough to hear; however, 60 Minutes did a bang up job of capturing it on video with a mix of 14 ENG, DSLRs and GoPro cameras.  They mounted GoPro cameras on the rock wall, on the film crew climbers on the wall and even on Alex’s chalk bag belt (until he decided to ditch it mid-climb). [Read more…]


Clik Elite Camera Bags for Adventure Photographers

Clik Elite Camera BagsClik Elite Camera Bags

Calling Clik Elite’s products ‘camera bags’ is a bit of an understatement.  So, consider the keyword in the title to be ‘adventure’ instead.

I ran into the guys from Clik Elite at PMA 2010, and they were kind enough to give me a rundown of their product line.  As they showed me some of the features of the camera bags, I spent most of my time commentating with words like ‘cool’ and ‘oh, wow’.

Clik Elite bags are designed first and foremost for active photographers.  If you just need to tote cameras and lenses from your typical point ‘A’ to your typical point ‘B’, then the Clik Elite gear is going to be way overkill for you.  However, if point ‘A’ happens to be at the top of a snow-covered mountain, you have skis on your feet, and you intend to reach point ‘B’ at the bottom of the mountain via those skis, then you’ll probably dig these bags. [Read more…]

SanDisk Ultra 64GB SDXC Card

SanDisk 64GB SDXC

SanDisk has announced its new Ultra 64GB SDXC card.  The Ultra-series card has a write speed of 9Mbps and a read speed of 15MB/s, which makes it properly suited for SDXC compatible video cameras.

The SanDisk Ultra 64GB SDXC card carries an initial retail price of $349.99 and should be available immediately.  Check availability on

More details in the press release below. [Read more…]

HP Cameras and Camcorders at PMA 2010

HP CW450t

HP has announced several new products at PMA 2010 – the HP CW450, PW550z, SW450, CW450t and PW460t point and shoot cameras, as well as the V1020h, V5061u and V5560u camcorders.  All of these new cameras are budget-friendly and range in price from $99 to $199.

More details in the press release below. [Read more…]