Flip MinoHD Review

The Flip MinoHD is a compact, cellphone-sized, digital video camera that is capable of capturing high definition video.  It focuses on simple operation and sharing options.  I’ve had one for a couple of weeks now and, generally speaking, am very impressed with its features, quality and operation.

While I have no shortage of photographs of my kids and the rest of my family and friends, I am severely lacking in video footage.  I’ve owned a Panasonic MiniDV video camera for a few years now.  It is good at what it does; however, I hate the task of getting the footage from the MiniDV tapes to iMovie and out to DVD so we can watch the videos as normal-folk rather than using the little LCD screen on the camera or connecting the camera to the TV via RCA jacks.  As a result, I have a ton of family footage on MiniDV tapes that no one has ever seen.

My daughter just turned one year old.  I realized as her birthday was approaching that her birth is the only thing that I have recorded on video, which still remains on a MiniDV tape in a box somewhere.  This was a wakeup call for ol’ Dad to get some more video footage of my kids on a going forward basis.  Call it an early New Year’s resolution if you will.

I had seen a number of blogs, over the past several months, rave about how awesome the Flip video camera was for them.  Quite frankly, however, I thought the camera and idea seemed very silly and considered it a fad.  That was until I started looking a little closer and examining the workflow to get your video from camera-to-Internet or -DVD. [Read more…]