Upgrading Your Used Cameras and Lenses

If you’re really lusting after that new Nikon D7000 or Canon 60D, and you’re coming up short on cash to make the move, consider upgrading your current gear toward the purchase of the latest and greatest.

One of Photography Bay’s affiliates, Adorama, asked me to remind those of you who might be interested that they will buy your used photo and video gear for cash or trade.

Here’s how Adorama’s deal works:

“If you are ready to upgrade your system, or you have equipment that you would like to turn into cash, send us the equipment to have it evaluated and we will give you an honest and fair offer. If you accept the offer, we will send you a check right away or you can use it as a credit toward any purchase you would like to make.

If a deal is not made, we will return the merchandise to you, fully insured, at our expense.Adorama

To get more info on how to sell your used gear to Adorama, visit this page: Adorama Used Gear


Canon Refurbished Deals at Adorama

Adorama has several refurbished Canon cameras lenses and flashes in stock – the inventory has just been replenished.  This might be a good opportunity to save a few bucks on Canon gear.

Adorama’s listings for Canon cameras and lenses are here.  Canon 50D for $929.95, etc.

Nikon users, you can find your Nikon refurbished gear here.