Nikon D2Xs Works Hard, Gets Stolen as NYC Traffic Cameras

I had always assumed that the traffic cameras that snap shots of motorists at intersections were some kind of special purpose camera developed for that exclusive purpose.  It looks like NYC is using the Nikon D2Xs as its shooter to capture images of vehicles running red lights.

The above video from ABC7 in New York is a story about a former employee of the company that installs the traffic cameras – he is alleged to have been stealing the D2Xs cameras and selling them to support his heroin addiction.  The video, however, confirms that the Nikon D2Xs is used as a traffic camera, although it doesn’t say whether it is the exclusive camera for this purpose or not.

My mind is racing over the system that sets off the remote trigger on the D2Xs, and the extreme temperatures that these cameras endure . . . .

[h/t PDNPulse]