Apparently, Los Angeles Clippers player Lamar Odom was fed up with being photographed by paparazzi when he open a photographer’s car door, pulled out  bag of camera gear and threw it into the middle of the street. [click to continue…]

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This is a crazy operation in Russia where a group of thieves coordinate to distract a photographer while taking what looks like his Nikon 70-200 right off the camera that’s handing on his neck.

At first, we see the photographer/tourist approached by a group of people putting things in front of him in an attempt to distract.

Step 1 Distraction

Then, one of the thieves slips his hands under the papers held up and removes the lens. [click to continue…]

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Sugar Factory Copyright Infringement

Back in February, Sugar Factory stole at least one of Ryan Doco Connors’ photos, using it on a t-shirt that it sold in its online store. When Connors called them out on it, he was told that Theft Sugar Factory had a legal right to use it because they changed it by 40%, which is a load of crap (legally speaking).

Instead of launching an expensive legal campaign to exercise his rights, Connors did a photo shoot in honor of Sugar Factory’s theft. Check it out below. [click to continue…]

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This is an interesting story of a man who has had his image stolen from his Flickr account and used thousands of times.

What would you do?

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Remember when the first RED EPIC that shipped out to a customer a couple weeks ago?

Well, it was stolen.

Someone broke into Mark Pederson’s chalet while he was vacationing in France and stole the only EPIC-M that’s gone out the door to a customer.  Jim Jannard is offering $100,000 to the camera’s safe return and the conviction of the thieves. [click to continue…]

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