“The Last 3 Minutes” on the Canon 5D Mark II

“The Last 3 Minutes” (above) is a new short from Shane Hurlbut and Bandito Brothers. Canon sponsored the short to show off the new 24p firmware upgrade on the 5D Mark II.  I think it is quite a compelling film – not just due to the technical prowess of the 5D Mark II, but the artistic vision of Hurlbut and his team resonates in a way that many short films miss.  Be sure to read the full run down on the production of “The Last 3 Minutes” on the hurlblog.

If you aren’t familiar with him, Shane Hurlbut has served as Director of Photography on several major films, including Terminator Salvation, We Are Marshall and Into the Blue, among others.

The hurlblog is one of my favorite blogs to read.  If you’re interested in getting serious with video on your DSLR, you owe it to yourself to read every word Shane Hurlbut publishes over there.