3.2 Gigapixel Camera Has 189 Image Sensors

LSST Camera Lens

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory has designed a 3.2 BILLION pixel camera that it hopes to build in order to “capture the widest, fastest and deepest view of the night sky ever observed.”  The above rendering of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) shows just how big this 3 ton camera will be next to a person. [Read more…]


Canon Puts 8-Inch Image Sensor in Telescope, Records Video at 60fps

Canon 8-inch Telescope Sensor

Last year, Canon showed off an 8-inch CMOS sensor, which was roughly 40-times the size of the 5D Mark II sensor.  We were all summarily impressed; however, Canon has gone off and put this massive sensor into a telescope.

What’s more is that they are recording video at 60fps using this massive sensor, which works swimmingly well in the low-light scenes of space. (I think everyone’s wishlist for the 5D Mark III just went up a couple levels of intensity.)

For all of the amazing details, the below press release is a must read. [Read more…]