Quick Portrait Breakdown

by on October 17, 2011

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Final Portrait

One of the goals of my wife is to have great portraits of each of our children at age 3.  We’ve been pushing our luck with our current 3-year-old, who turns 4 in a couple months.  While we’ve shot tons of images of her this year; however, we’ve not taken that right shot with just the right dress, bow and smile . . . until last weekend. [click to continue…]

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Marksmen use a handful of fundamental principles to take aim, fire and hit their target.  Many of these same principles can also be applied by other kinds of shooters – photographers.

When marksmen fail to abide by those principles, they may miss the bulls-eye.  When photographers fail to follow them, they may end up with a blurry photo. [click to continue…]

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Joe McNally gives some solid advice (as usual) on how to hold your DSLR.

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