Samyang Lens Teaser

Samyang is teasing a new lens announcement for March 21. All we have so far is this teaser image, which was shared on the company’s Facebook page yesterday. Previous hints and rumors suggest that Samyang is about to launch a new line of autofocus lenses. Perhaps this will be the first…

Samyang’s current line of photo and cine lenses are well regarded for the optical performance and low price. Offering AF versions of these popular lenses should be a real boon to the company and customers alike.


Rebel SL1 Teaser

Camera manufacturers seem to have caught on that the rumor mill can build buzz for new products prior to their launch. Recall the recent Nikon Pure Photography teasers leading up to the launch of the Nikon Df. With that in mind, Canon’s Korean website is teasing a new DSLR that is currently covered in white fabric. Some speculation suggests that is a Canon Rebel SL1 under the fabric.

A short message in Korean supposedly states: “November 2013, Canon will start from the white world. Coming soon.” [click to continue…]

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Canon Germany has posted a teaser video that bears a message at the end “ihr publikum wartet auf sie” which translates to “Your audience is waiting for you,” along with the date July 31, 2013. [click to continue…]

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Leica Mini M

Leica’s tease of the upcoming Mini M continues as Leica has started to open up the box on its website, revealing just a sliver of the new camera. [click to continue…]

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Leica Mini M

Leica has its upcoming ‘Mini M’ camera listed on its website now. The ‘Mini M’ name appears to be where it fits in the lineup among Leica cameras, rather than the official model name.

Leica Mini M Teaser

No other information is known about the Mini M at this point; however, the logical conclusion would be that the Leica Mini M would be a rangerfinder-style, interchangeable lens, APS-C camera as a nice fit between the full frame Leica M and the fixed lens, APS-C Leica X2. Leica offers a newsletter signup on its website for future Mini M news.

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Shake Reduction Dialog

Adobe released a sneak peek video today showing off the implementation of the Shake Reduction tool that is coming to the next version of Photoshop. This new feature will sharpen images that are blurry as a result of camera shake-induced blur.

Shake Reduction Sample

Check out the short video demo below. [click to continue…]

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