DJI Offers 24/7 Tech Support for Inspire 1 Customers

DJI Inspire 1

On January 5, 2015, DJI launched 24/7 tech support for Inspire 1 customers via email or live chat. Telephone support remains a business hours option only.

For live chat and email inquiries, DJI says it will respond to tech support requests within one hour. The support page states that DJI is evaluating the service extension to other product lines, such as the popular Phantom series of quadcopters.

More details and contact info here on the DJI Inspire 1 support page.

Benro Travel Flat Tripod Series Introduced

Benro introduced its new Travel Flat tripod series at CES 2011.  As the name implies, Benro’s new tripods are built with the traveling photographer in mind and “feature an innovative, patent pending design that changes the traditional tripod model of triangular profiles, adopting instead a flat unified “spider” or connecting hub, which contributes to its compact size and ultra portability when folded.”

Two big advantages for travelers are the tripods weight and size.  Aluminum models range between 2 and 3.1 pounds, while carbon fiber models weigh in at 1.5 to 2.4 pounds.  Folded heights for all models are around 16-17 inches – and, of course the lay-flat design aides in the compactness.

Even though the tripods are designed to conserve weight and overall dimensions, they still own some professional specs in load capacity (ranging from 13-26 pounds) and maximum height (ranging from 61-66 inches).

Aluminum models carry retail price tags between $107 and $169, while carbon fiber models range between $286 and $406.  You can find the Benro Travel Flat series at B&H Photo.