Sony’s New Super 35mm Camera Shoots 4K and High Frame Rate

Sony F Cine Alta Tease

Sony dropped another tease today via its Super 35mm Facebook page, dropping a couple of key specs, along with the above image.

The Future, Ahead of Schedule | October 30, 2012
“4K and 50Mbps422″ | “High Frame Rate”

Do you like what you’re hearing so far?

Depending on the price point, this would be a direct competitor to cameras like the RED Epic and Scarlet.  It’s certainly situated above the current Sony F3 model. We’ll know more next week, as we’re just outside of a week from the official unveiling…

So, do you like what you’re hearing so far?

[via Sony Super 35mm Facebook page]


Apertus Axiom Camera: Open Source 4K Camera

Apertus Axiom

The Apertus Axiom Camera is an open source project that looks to produce a 4K camera with a Super 35 sensor, Cinema DNG files, 150fps at 4K, a global shutter and 15 stops of dynamic range.

The plan is to launch a Kickstarter campaign in the fall to crowdfund the project at a target price “well below $10,000.”

If this camera actually comes to market with those features and price range, it stands to further disrupt the pro video market.  Sony’s FS700 really stirred the pot when it was introduced as an $8,000 camera that will (at some undetermined point in the future) shoot 4K footage and capture high frame rate footage (something it will actually do now) in full 1080p HD.

Of course, performance, reliability and support are key components that the Axiom will need in order to become a real player in the market.

Head over to No Film School for a more detailed analysis of what this camera could mean.

Sony NEX-FS700: 4K APS-C Camcorder & 240fps at 1080p

Sony NEX-FS700

Sony has released preliminary information on the upcoming NEX-FS700, and it looks like a killer camera out of the box if the price comes in around the expected $8k mark, available in June.

The FS700 will ship as a 1080p camera that utilizes an 11.1MP EXMOR CMOS sensor, which will later receive a firmware upgrade to enable the 4K functionality.  It’s not clear whether or not this upgrade will come at an additional expense like the initial S-LOG upgrade for the Sony F3.

More so than the 4K, the feature that really excites me is the ability to capture 10x slow motion in full 1080p.  The record times are limited to 8 seconds for 240fps and 16 seconds for 120fps.

Sony FS700

Another big boon is the built-in ND filters (up to 6 stops) that we all missed on the FS100, along with 3G-SDI and HDMI outputs for external capture devices.  It will also come with expanded focus magnification up to 8x out of the box – something the FS100 will get via a firmware update later this month.  Another expected update for the FS100 is the ability to store camera profile settings on memory cards – and, thankfully, Sony will put this on the FS700 from day one.

Sony FS700

I’ll have more coverage on this new camera as additional details emerge. For now, check out the rest of the new features below. [Read more…]

Sony NEX-5n Overheating Issue is Not Really an Issue

I’ve seen some forum and blog postings about the Sony NEX-5n having an overheating issue.  As you can see in the above “Overheating Test” video, it records for over 23 minutes before shutting down.

Those large CMOS sensors generate a lot of heat.  And while they are great for producing bokeh-filled cinematic shots, they can’t quite replace the endless recording times of camcorders.  But camcorders can’t give you the awesome bokeh you get out of the NEX-5n and its ilk (of course there are APS-C format camcorders, but they start at around $2000 and go way up from there). [Read more…]

Sony NEX-FS100

Sony has just released details on its new professional grade NEX camcorder – the NEX-FS100.  This new camcorder is the big brother to the popular NEX-VG10 and accepts all E-Mount lenses, as well as A-Mount lenses with the use of an adapter.

The Sony NEX-FS100 sports an APS-C / Super35mm format sensor and is capable of recording 1920 x 1080 60p at 28Mbps.  The NEX-FS100 will also capture at 30p and 24p frame rates – and it offers the ability to shoot with a proper 1/48s shutter speed when recording 24p video.  Additionally, the NEX-FS100 includes built-in controls for over- and under-cranking footage at full 1920 x 1080 resolution. [Read more…]