Joby Adds a Pair of Suction Cup Mounts for GoPro

Suction Cup and Locking Arm

Joby recently unveiled a pair of new suction cup mounts for GoPro cameras.

One model has the standard GorillaPod arm and one has a rigid locking arm. The suction cup with GorillaPod arm is designed for use with static circumstances, while the suction cup with locking arm can be used on moving cars. [Read more...]

HDSLR Gear That Saves the Day

I’ve been working on a short film project recently with my church (along with our in-house video director/my very good friend Nick, and some very talented volunteers). The short film is something we plan to use as part of our Easter morning service later this month.  We’re shooting it entirely on the Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 7D. We shot most of the scenes in one day at two locations (around 25 total set ups for a 16+ hour shooting day).  Yesterday, we wrapped up with the intro scene, which calls for the lead character in a vehicle talking on a cell phone.

I thought I would share some of the random little tools that really saved the day and helped us get the shots (and audio) that were critical to this production. [Read more...]