Amazon Patents Studio Photography on Seamless White Background

Amazon Patent Seamless White Background copy

Amazon has had some pretty revolutionary ideas over the years. The Kindle is awesome. Prime is a great service. And drone delivery may be on the horizon. However, Amazon has gone a bit too far with one of its latest “inventions.”

Amazon Technologies, Inc. (a subsidiary of, Inc.) has legitimately patented studio the common studio photography method of photographing subjects on a seamless white background using a cyclorama and the USPTO actually granted the patent. [Read more…]


Paul C. Buff Vagabond Mini Lithium

The Vagabond Mini Lithium looks downright tasty for those who use AC monolights on a regular basis.  This new AC converter uses a lithium battery to power your monolights for several hundred shots in the field.

While the Vagabond Mini Lithium was designed with Alienbees monolights in mind, it is also compatible with third party monolights.  There are plenty of other tech specs to read up on, but the best news of all is the price.

The Vagabond Mini Lithium is set to ship with a battery, charger, shoulder strap and light stand mounting clamp for $239.95.  Additional batteries will cost $89.95.

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