Check out this informative video from photographer Karl Taylor as he compares various light modifiers with a single subject in his studio. [click to continue…]


Flashpoint DG600

The Flashpoint DG600 300w/s monolight is an Adorama exclusive from its in-house Flashpoint brand. Priced at $199.95, the light resides in the budget lighting category; however, it has one key feature that really sets it apart from other budget monolights – an LED modeling lamp. [click to continue…]

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In the above video, Peter Hurley talks about the art of the headshot at the Google+ Photographer’s Conference.  It’s an hour-long video packed with good info for anyone who shoots people.

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Intro to Studio Lighting

The below video is a solid introductory video to studio lighting put on at B&H Photo.

The presenter Joey Quintero is instrumental in developing and marketing B&H’s in-house Impact brand of lights and modifiers.  I own and still regularly use a pair of very affordable Impact EX100 monolights, which I previously reviewed here.

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Westcott has unveiled its latest holiday promotion – a lighting accessory kit, which includes six different light modifiers and two 10′ x 10′ backgrounds.  You get the full set for $299.90 during the holiday promotion.

The Lighting Accessory Gear Set includes the following: [click to continue…]

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Westcott has yet another solid holiday promotion with its 3-strobe set.  For just a smidgen under $300, you get quite a big kit:

  • (3) 300Ws Strobelites
  • (2) 45″ Umbrellas
  • (1) Barn Door Set w/ 4 Gels
  • (1) 60-degree Honeycomb Grid

Heck, a pretty basic 200Ws strobe from Westcott will set you back over $200.  And they’re selling three 300Ws strobes for $300?  That’s what I call a deal.

You can find the Strobelite Holiday Gear Set at B&H Photo, Amazon and Adorama.

Note that the B&H product page currently says a “150Ws” strobe in the description, but it has the correct model number to the Holiday Gear Set (653H).  I’m shooting them an email for clarification, but they’ve also got it price $20 less than Amazon and Adorama.

UPDATE:  I just confirmed with B&H that the description was incorrect on their site and they are updating it to show that it does include (3) 300Ws strobes.

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