Canon EOS 7DSV (Studio Version) Announced

Canon has announced the EOS 7DSV DSLR, which is being dubbed as the Studio Version of the popular EOS 7D.  The new 7DSV features four levels of locking camera controls geared toward school and event photographers.  These locking controls allows an administrator to set up the camera and prevent an operator from changing critical settings, such as in school and event portraits.

Additionally, the Canon 7DSV features the Canon Barcode Solution, which allows customer, organizational, patient or other data to be embedded into the EXIF data of each image.  Ultimately, this barcode functionality should be a boon to large organization or event photographers looking for help on the backend of file organization and management.

The Canon 7DSV Studio Version kit includes a firmware modified version of the Canon WFT-E5A, which can be used in conjuntion with a barcode reader to manage image and customer data via a wired connection.  However, it is possible to work wirelessly using the Canon BU-30 Bluetooth adapter.  Existing WFT-E5A units can be modified by Canon to work with the 7DSV in this functionality.

The 7DSV kit with the WFT-E5A carries an initial retail price of $2599, while the 7DSV body alone is priced at $1829.

More details in the press release below. [Read more…]