Hasselblad Lunar and Stellar Cameras at “Reasonable” Prices for Black Friday

Hasselblad Lunar

The grossly overpriced Hasselblad Lunar and Stellar cameras are on sale in the same price range as their Sony counterparts.

The Hasselblad Lunar is available for $1299 with the kit 18-55mm lens (reg. $6999). The Hasselblad Stellar is on sale for $799 (reg. $2195). Check out all the variations here at B&H Photo.


Hasselblad Releases 3 Stellar Special Edition Cameras for $3175

Hasselblad Stellar Special Edition

As if the first round of dolled-up Sony RX100 cameras wasn’t enough, Hasselblad has unveiled 3 additional “special edition” models for the ripe price of $3175 each. Yes, the cameras perform virtually identical to the Sony RX100, but cost 6x the price. While the RX100 is a great camera, it’s not $3175 great.

More pics and complete details from Hasselblad via the official press release below. [Read more…]

Hasselblad Stellar Leaks Out as Rebadged Sony RX100

Hasselblad Stellar with olive wood grip

Hasselblad Stellar with olive wood grip

Hasselblad is, unfortunately, continuing its fall from grace with the upcoming Hasselblad Stellar compact camera that appears to be a straight-up rebadge of the popular Sony RX100. As with the nonsensical Hasselblad Lunar, the Stellar appears to have no¬†significant¬†features to differentiate it from the RX100 aside from the Hasselblad name and exotic wood grips. [Read more…]