Video Stabilization Options

I just wanted to pass along a little update for those of you into video cameras and accessories.  Over at Tech Tilt, I’ve recently review the Barber Tech SteddiePod, which is a pretty darn sweet, all-in-one video camera stabilization device.  It does a lot of things from steadicam-type shots, to doggie cam, to boom shots.  It’s also got a nice little fluid head built-in.  You can find the whole review, which includes some sample footage, here:  SteddiePod Review.

After using the SteddiePod for a while, I started thinking about ways to DIY a similar device on a shoestring budget.  So, I took $30 to Lowe’s and Wal-Mart, and came away with what I call a DIY GlidePod.  While it’s not as pretty as the SteddiePod, it can do many of the same types of shots.  Of course, the SteddiePod is a smoother, more refined device, but the DIY GlidePod can get the job done for the backyard cinematographers out there.  So, if you’ve got $30 and an hour to kill, you can see how to make your own DIY GlidePod here.

I’ve had some great suggestions on ways to make the GlidePod better, along with alternatives that do a better job with some of the shot types from the GlidePod.  If you’ve got other ideas, feel free to drop a comment here or over on the GlidePod post.

If you’re interested in video gear and accessories, you’ll be able to find camcorder reviews and such over at Tech Tilt in the future.  However, I’ll also provide occasional updates on noteworthy gear here at Photography Bay.