Comodo Orbit

The Comodo Orbit is another fresh take in the camera stabilization market. For many years, Steadicam and Glidecam models have remained mostly static in the fundamental ways they are constructed and operated. Now, the Comodo Orbit rig has come along and shaken up the basic single-gimbal designs we are accustomed with a new two gimbal design. [click to continue…]


Zacuto pointnshoot5_3

The Zacuto Point’n'Shoot camera grip for the iPhone is now available for all iPhone 5 models, including the new 5c and 5s models. The grip also works as a tripod, slider or jib mount thanks to the 1/4-20 mount on the bottom of the grip. [click to continue…]

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Glidecam 2000 Pro

I picked up a Glidecam 2000 a couple of months ago after talking with the Glidecam guys at NAB.  One of the operators at the booth gave me a short course in how to use it effectively, which turned out to be very helpful as I’ve been learning the ropes.

I haven’t arrived by any means, but I’ve started getting some pretty fun and usable shots with it.  My church’s VBS was a couple of weeks ago and I took the opportunity to have a bit of live practice with it.

Below is the VBS recap video we had for the parents the Sunday after. [click to continue…]

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When Joby developed the Gorillatorch, which is a combination of a Gorillapod, flashlight and ordinary magnets, Joby fans immediately started asking for a similar device to hold their cameras.  Earlier this year, Joby delivered on that request with the Gorillapod Magnetic.

Every year, there are maybe a handful of products that really “wow” me.  The new Gorillapod Magnetic is officially on the list for 2010.

It’s quite simple, really.  It’s a Gorillapod with magnetic feet. [click to continue…]

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