The 10 Best Photography Products of 2011 . . . So Far

1. Fuji X100

I don’t think I’ve had more fun with a camera since I first held the 5D Mark II.  Sure, it’s got some quirks, but the excellent image quality and amazing flash sync speed push the Fuji X100 into the front runner position as my personal pick for camera of the year.  We’ll see what the rest of the year holds; however, it will take some serious innovation to unseat the X100.  Find it at B&H Photo (when it’s in stock). [Read more…]


Speedliter’s Handbook Review

Have you ever looked at those buttons on the back of your flash and wondered what exactly that they do?  What about understanding flash exposure compensation?  Or, high speed sync?  Want to dim the sun?

The Speedliter’s Handbook is a killer resource from Syl Arena that is primarily for Canon DSLR shooters who want to integrate Canon Speedlites into their repertoire.  That said, photographers using any other brand of gear will get their money’s worth out of this book. [Read more…]

Speedliter’s Handbook Now Shipping

I just got a tip that the Syl Arena’s Speedliter’s Handbook is now shipping from Amazon.

If you aren’t familiar with it, this book is all about learning to shoot with Canon’s E-TTL flash system.  In Syl’s words, “It’s almost 400 pages, includes 800 photos, 100 diagrams, and 39 shoots detailed on 2-page spreads. If you shoot small flash (any brand), then 70% will be of interest. If you shoot Canon Speedlites, then 110% of the book will be of interest.”

The Speedliter’s Handbook retails for $49.99, but it’s currently up for grabs on Amazon for $31.49.