Canon Lens & Speedlite Instant Rebates End This Week

Canon Rebate

Canon’s instant rebate program for its lenses and Speedlites ends this Saturday, March 30. There are many lenses and Speedlites with solid instant rebates up to $300 off.

If you’ve had something in mind, now is the time to pull the trigger before the price goes up. Check out the full list of gear here at B&H Photo.

Canon Issues Product Advisory for 5D Mark III and 1D X re: Autofocus Speed with Speedlite AF Assist Beam


Following the recent forum posting by a moderator in Canon’s official forums, Canon has issued a product advisory concerning the slow AF speed for the 5D Mark III and 1D X when using a Speedlite AF assist beam.

Firmware updates to address this issue are expected for the 5D Mark III and 1D X in April 2013 and May 2013, respectively.

The full product advisory from Canon is reproduced below. [Read more…]

Canon 5D Mark III and 1D X Firmware Update Will Fix Slow AF with Speedlite AF Assist Beam

 Canon 5D Mark III

According to a moderator’s posting in Canon USA’s official forums, Canon will be releasing a firmware update for the 5D Mark III and 1D X to correct an issue where the camera’s are slow to focus when used with a Speedlite’s AF Assist Beam.

Hi all, we have an important update on this topic. Thanks again for your feedback on our Forum.

Canon has confirmed that, depending upon the shooting conditions, it may take slightly longer for the EOS 5D Mark III and EOS-1D X digital SLR cameras to acquire focus when using the Speedlite’s AF Assist Beam, compared with that of the EOS 5D Mark II and EOS-1D Mark IV digital SLR cameras using the Speedlite’s AF Assist Beam. We are developing a firmware update to enhance the focusing feature for the EOS 5D Mark III and the EOS-1D X. The schedule for release of this firmware update will be announced shortly.

Of course, we’ll have more details and download links once the official firmware ships.

[via Canon USA]