New Nikon Power Cable for PocketWizard

Nikon Power Cable for PocketWizard

PocketWizard has a new Nikon Power Cable that works with the MiniTT1, Plus III and MultiMAX (w/ USB) transceivers. It will allows these transceivers to draw power from any Nikon DSLR that is equipped with a 10-pin remote port.

The PocketWizard transceivers use little power and, according to PocketWizard, have almost no impact on the camera’s battery life. The Nikon Power Cable (PW-DC-N10) is available for $20. You can find it here at B&H Photo.


1 Speedlight, 16 Looks

Bob Harrington gave a speedlight presentation at B&H Photo’s Event Space on using one speedlight for multiple looks with a limited kit of modifiers.

Here’s his gear list:

Rogue FlashBender XL Pro Lighting Kit Announced

Rogue FlashBender XL Pro Lighting Kit

The Rogue FlashBender XL Pro Lighting kit contains 4 extra-large speedlight modifiers in a compact package that packs flat in camera bags.

The 4 modifiers in the kit are:

  • 1x XL Pro FlashBender White Reflector
  • 1x XL Pro Strip Box Diffuser Attachment
  • 1x XL Pro Soft Box Diffuser Attachment
  • 1x XL Pro Silver/Black Reflector Attachment

The Rogue FlashBender XL Pro Lighting Kit retails for $99.95 and is available here at B&H Photo.

Pentax’s New Speedlight in Development

Pentax Speedlight at CES 2013

Even though we are now in April, I am still digging through things I saw while at CES 2013 back in January. One of the interesting things for Pentax shooters was a new speedlight mockup on display in the Pentax booth.

The only official thing I can reveal about it is that Pentax was “showing a reference model of new flashes.” Boring, eh?

Well, you can see in the images below what Pentax might have going on with its new flash unit(s) at some point in the probably reasonably near future. Feel free to speculate away. And, if you spot something that jumps out at you, please let us know in the comments. [Read more…]

Phottix Mitros TTL Flash for Canon Shipping Soon

Phottix Mitros TTL Flash

Phottix’s new Mitros TTL flash should be shipping soon for Canon systems. The Mitros TTL speedlight was announced back at Photokina and claims “do everything you expect a top-of-the-line TTL flash to do. Functions include built-in IR triggering with Master and Slave modes, AF assist light, auto/manual zooming flash head, all with fast recharge times. The Phottix Mitros TTL Flash includes a USB port for firmware upgrades and a 3.5mm Sync port.”

Phottix Mitros TTL Back LCD

Phottix Mitros TTL Flash Key Features

  • E-TTL, M, Multi modes
  • High Speed Sync and Rear Curtain Sync
  • Guide Number of 58
  • Auto/Manual Flash Head Zoom w/ 180° rotation and 97° tilt
  • FEC: Manual and Bracketed
  • 0.1-2.5s Recycle Times
  • IR Wireless Trigger w/ Master and Slave mode
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries
  • Port for External Battery Pack
  • 3.5mm Sync Port
  • USB Port for Updgrades

The Phottix Mitros TTL flash retails for $349, which is substantially cheaper than the Canon 580EX II at $489 that it has its sights on. The Phottix Mitros TTL flash should be available soon at Amazon, Adorama and the Phottix store.