Think Tank Photo Speed Demon V2.0, Speed Freak V2.0 and Speed Racer V2.0

Next month, Think Tank Photo is releasing new, redesigned versions of its Speed Demon, Speed Freak and Speed Racer camera bags.  The Speed V2.o series of bags are convertible shoulder/belt packs with a flip top lid that folds away for quick access to gear.

“The smallest, Speed Demon V2.0, can carry a standard size DSLR with a standard zoom lens attached (hood reversed) and a wide angle zoom lens beside. The medium size Speed Freak V2.0 also carries a standard size DSLR with a zoom lens attached and is tall enough to accommodate a 70–200 f2.8 lens in the bag. The Speed Racer V2.0, the most spacious of the series, effortlessly fits in the main compartment a pro size DSLR with a standard zoom lens attached and a 70–200 f2.8.” -Think Tank Photo

The new Speed series bags will be available in June; however, Photography Bay readers can use this link to sign up for an email alert direct from Think Tank Photo when the bags are available.