Sony A35 Availability Update

Sony A35

The Sony A35 now appears to be widely in stock and shipping.  The latest translucent-mirror alternative to DSLRs looks to head up the entry-level end of Sony’s Alpha line with reports that the flagship Sony A77 will be announced next week.

The A35 sports a 16MP CMOS sensor and fast live view autofocus unlike any other manufacturer has delivered in a DSLR.  It also records full 1920 x 1080 AVCHD video.

You can find the Sony A35 at B&H Photo and

Sony A77 Video Surfaces on YouTube

Sony A77 Close Up

Sony A77 Close Up

What appears to be a Sony A77 commercial has found its way onto YouTube.  In the short video spot, you see the 24MP A77 half-buried in sand (obviously showing off its extreme weather sealing).  Then someone comes along, picks up the camera, dusts it off and commences to shoot using the live view display.

Check out the embedded video below before it gets pulled. [Read more…]

Sony LA-EA2 NEX Camera to Alpha Lens Adapter, Includes Translucent Mirror

Sony LA-EA2 Adapter

A leaked diagram of the second-generation NEX-to-Alpha lens adapter, dubbed the LA-EA2 (rolls off the tongue, don’t it?), will apparently include a translucent mirror that also appears to incorporate a phase detection AF sensor for fast and precise AF acquisition on the upcoming NEX-7 and NEX-5N.

The current LA-EA1 NEX-to-Alpha lens adapter is rather sluggish for AF acquisition on compatible models; however, it lacks any mechanical AF optimization.

[via Photo Rumors]