Sony A350 Review at Camera Labs

Camera Labs has posted a review of the new 14 megapixel Sony A350.

The Sony Alpha A350 is a feature-packed DSLR with a compelling price tag. With high resolution, built-in stabilisation, Live View and a flip-out screen, it ticks the boxes of most new DSLR buyers. Sony’s fuss-free Live View is also arguably the best implementation yet for general consumers.

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Sony A350 Review at Anandtech

Anandtech has published an in-depth review of the new Sony A350.

Most of the recent DSLR cameras feature Live View that was pioneered by Olympus, but Sony takes the feature from checklist novelty to a truly useful viewing alternative. This makes the transition easier for point-and-shoot users accustomed to Live View composing with the LCD screen.

For the latest news and reviews, check out Photography Bay’s Sony A350 Reviews and Resources page.


Sony’s new titanium body HDR-TG3E is the world’s smallest HD camcorder. The CMOS image sensor with the BIONZ processor provides 1920×1080 Full HD recording. The use of Memory Sticks as recording media made it easier for Sony to go so small. Sony was kind enough to include a 4GB Memory Stick with the camera. The ability to capture 2.3 megapixel images while recording video is a nice addition to an already sweet feature set on the TG3E. [Read more...]

Sony A200 Review at Photography BLOG

Photography BLOG has posted a review of the new Sony A200.

If you have no investment in a DSLR system and you’re looking for an entry-level model, the Sony A200 is a real alternative to the likes of the Nikon D60, Canon EOS 450D and Olympus E-510. It may not be the most exciting camera on paper, with no Live View and “only” a 10 megapixel sensor, but in practice it’s an easy-to-use, solid proposition from which you can confidently upgrade in the future to a more feature-rich model.

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Sony A200 Sample Images

I was killing some time in Best Buy tonight and decided to snap a few images on the Sony A200. I took a CF card with me (it’s always a good idea to keep one handy). I certainly wouldn’t recommend overspending on a new DSLR at Best Buy (and never buy accessories there); however, it’s great to get your hands on a new camera before you make your purchase.

The Sony A200 basically handles like the A350, except for the display panel, which doesn’t articulate or feature a Live View function. Otherwise, the A200 has the same dedicated ISO button, which makes switching ISOs a breeze. The A200 has an sensitivity range of ISO 100-3200. Below, I’ve included several samples that cover the entire ISO range. You may download these images at 100% for you personal use and inspection. EXIF is embedded within. If you would prefer a gallery view, which also has an EXIF viewer, go here.

Sony A200 ISO 100

100% Crop

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Sony A900 at Photo Imaging Expo

Sony’s new flagship A900 showed up at Photo Imaging Expo 2008 in Japan this week. (Coverage from Significantly, this looks like a more polished sample than the previous mockups that we’ve seen.

There are several other features that are accessible from buttons and switches on the camera body. Some of these cool features include:

  • two scroll wheels (one for the thumb, one for the index finger)
  • dedicated ISO button
  • dedicate White Balance button
  • metering mode selection switch
  • slow sync button
  • no articulating LCD screen

It looks like Sony has really packed in quick customization for photographers without having to dig through menus. I’m looking forward to see how all these features work together in real world application. However, I’ll have to say I’m rather disappointed that the screen doesn’t articulate after getting hooked on the Sony A350 a couple of weeks ago.

According to a Sony representative at PIE, the A900 will be released in August or September at Photokina or IFA.

Sony A350 Sample Images

Several sample images are now online (see below) from the Sony ad shoot.  If you missed Photography Bay’s Sony A350 preview, check it out now and see my thoughts on the fast Live View AF and articulating LCD panel.

When viewing the samples, please note that all images are from in-camera JPEGs.  Due the overwhelming amount of white foam in the images (and resulting underexposure), almost all of them were slightly tweaked in iPhoto for brightness or exposure adjustments.  Additionally, all shots were handheld and most had the Super Steady Shot feature enabled. [Read more...]

Sony DIME Press Event – Foam City, Miami

Sony DIME in Miami

Last weekend, Sony DIME (Digital Imaging Europe) held a press event in Miami, Florida in conjunction with the evolution of its popular advertising campaign. Specifically, Sony wanted to build on the scale and stature presented in the iconic Bravia commercials, which, according to Sony, display colour


Sony sent 250,000 bouncy balls down the streets of San Francisco:


Sony exploded 70,000 liters of paint in Glasgow:


Sony unleashed 2.5 tons of Play-Doh bunnies on New York:


So, how is Sony planning to up the ante of its experience in 2008? [Read more...]

Sony A350 First Impressions Review

Today, I spent some hands-on time with the Sony A350 today at Sony’s commercial and ad shoot in downtown Miami, Florida (We’ll have more about the shoot itself in a later post.) After a few hours of shooting, I’ll have to say that I’m very impressed with this newcomer from Sony. There are a few features and functions that really set this camera apart from other entry-level offerings. [Read more...]

Sony A300 Review at The New York Times

New York Times has posted a review of the Sony A300 with plenty of praise for Sony’s breakthrough Live View feature.

The camera focuses quickly as you aim the lens, without ever blacking out the screen. When you press the shutter, the screen doesn’t go on-off-on, there’s no loud clacking, and there’s no baffling exhibition of mirror calisthenics inside the camera.

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