Canon Should Build an A7 Camera Model with an EF Mount


Last week, I wrote about how Sony should build an A7 camera with a Canon EF mount. The premise behind the post was about Sony gaining market share and continuing to make bold moves. It’s a bit of a pipe dream but, holy crap, would that shake up the market.

What really needs to happen though is Canon should build a full frame mirrorless camera on par with the features we see in the Sony A7 series and that accepts EF lenses. [Read more…]


Deal: Sony A7S for $1699

Sony A7S

ebay (via GetItDigital) has the Sony A7S for $1699 (compare at $2498) in limited quantity. Check it out here on ebay.

Note: This is labeled as a gray market item and, therefore, won’t include a US warranty card. At the time of this post, ebay seller GetItDigital has a positive feedback rating of 99.7% and offers its own 1-year warranty with the camera.

Canon 5Ds R vs. Sony A7R II Hands-On Review

Check out this video from Kai at Digital Rev as he does a hands-on comparison between the 50MP Canon 5Ds R and the 42MP Sony A7R II. This review is even a little more superficial than others he has done, but you get a clear sense of his first impression.

Personally, I think the 5Ds R and A7R II are mostly going to be finding their way into different kinds of photographers’ camera bags. With the A7R II being a more popular pick for a wider variety of images, while the 5Ds R is a little more niche for landscape and studio work where low sensitivity and high resolution are the primary concerns.

Have you considered these two cameras as competing options? Did you buy one over the other?