Ultimate $250 Camera Shootout at Gizmodo

Gizmodo has posted a shootout among 5 popular point and shoot cameras that are likely to be on someone-you-know’s Christmas list.  Several sample pics help prove their case.

Here’s the 5 contestants:

Samsung TL9 ($280)
10MP, 5X zoom, 2.7-inch LCD

Canon SD790 ($250)
10MP, 3X zoom, 3-inch LCD

Nikon S560 ($250)
10MP, 5X zoom, 2.7-inch LCD

Sony W170 ($250)
10MP, 5x zoom, 2.7-inch LCD

Panasonic FS20 ($250)
10MP, 4x zoom, 3-inch LCD

Kodak M1093 ($200)
10MP, 3x zoom, 3-inch LCD

Head on over to Gizmodo and see the results on which one you should pick up.