Sony a200/a300 Replacement

A tipster sent in possible info today on a replacement for the Sony A200/A300 DSLRs.

Today I spoke with a friend in a technical service of Sony in […redacted…] and he told me that is possible Sony announce the new a200/a300 substitute Alpha in April.

Just one camera for 2 actual model.

It will use the same a700 sensor and will have LV with phase detection AF. The LCD will be tilting, HD and touch screen. The design will be equal to a200 with a bigger OVF than a200 and
pentmirror. It also will have video HD 720p and 30fps with AF.

Is very probably that Sony incorporate a new feature called “Touch Quick Edition”.

The redacted portion discloses a specific location that I have removed to prevent the identification of the tipster and the friend from Sony.

It would make sense for Sony to consolidate some of the Alpha models, though I would think the A300 and A350 were more ripe for consolidation.  If true, maybe it just means that the low-end Alpha DSLR will now feature Live View – something that the A200 missed out on.

What are your thoughts?