Sony A750, A850 and A950 Leaks

Sony A750, A850, A950

More presumed leaks directly from Sony.  This time, you can add the A750 and A950 to the already unveiled Sony A850.  The hole appears to already have been plugged on Sony’s site.

Additionally, there was some speculation a few days back on DP Review forums that tossed out these model number, along with price and sensor specs:

1.  A950 with backlit 24.6Mp Exmor sensor @ $2999.95

2.  A850 with 24.6 Mp @ $1999.95

3.  A750 with 14MP backlit senssor @ $1200.00.

The poster nailed the A850 sensor and is probably pretty close on price as well.  Having pulled these model names of thin air is a pretty lucky guess – or maybe he knows something we don’t…?