A Couple More Sony NEX-VG10 Topics

First up, I’ve got a more in-depth overview of the Sony NEX-VG10 over at Tech Tilt.

And second, I just wanted to point out that the location product shots of the NEX-VG10 appear to have been captured with a Sony A850 and Zeiss lenses.  I realize that’s not quite as juicy as a 5D Mark II on Sony’s set (and I’m sure this will generate the obligatory “who cares” comment), but I figured I’d give Sony a bit of credit where credit is due.

Sony A850 and A900 Review

Sony A850 and A900

The Sony A850 and A900 are full frame cameras that pack in 24.6-megapixels on that big sensor.  The cameras appear at the top-end of the Alpha system line up.  At first blush, the A850 appears almost identical to the pricier Sony A900.  After delving deeper into the A850, you’ll discover that there’s really not a whole lot of difference between it and the A900.

Because of the similarities between these two cameras and the fact that I reviewed them simultaneous, I decided to publish one review for both cameras rather than than two separate reviews with only minor changes in the text. [Read more...]

Sony A850, A900 and Canon 5D Mark II – More ISO Comparisons

For those of you interested in a little more pixel peeping with the Sony A850, A900 and Canon 5D Mark II, I’ve added several more samples taken at various noise reduction settings.

I’ve made all of these available in this forum thread, which includes 100% crops and full-res files for download and inspection.

The original ISO comparison, which did not use noise reduction, can be found here.

Sony A850, A900 & Canon 5D Mark II ISO Comparisons

Sony A850, Sony A900, Canon 5D Mark II

The Sony A850 is the newest full frame DSLR from Sony.  It’s based largely on the Sony A900; however, its a couple of notches below on feature sets.  Since the A850 uses the same 24.6-megapixel sensor as found in the A900, we shouldn’t expect any real difference in image quality between the two.

Although, comparing these two cameras to the Canon 5D Mark II, which is the current prosumer state of the art for low-light performance, is another story.  You’ll also see some Canon 7D samples at higher ISOs for the sake of comparing a crop-sensor camera to these full framers.  To see how the Sony A850 and A900 stack up, read on. [Read more...]

Sony A850 Announced

Sony A850

Sony has officially announced the Sony A850, which is a full frame 24.6-megapixel CMOS sensor.  The A850 also features SteadyShot sensor-based image stabilization, a 3-inch 921k dot LCD and a 9-point AF.

The A850 should be available in November 2009 at an initial retail price of $2000.  Check availability at Amazon.com.

More details in the press release below. [Read more...]

Sony A550L Kit Resurfaces at Sony Style USA

Sony A550

It looks like we may be getting very close to the launch of the new Sony DSLRs, as the Sony A550L Kit is back on the Sony Style USA site in a product registration drop down list.

Expect the Sony A850 and A500 too.

The Sony A550 is rumored to have a 15-megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor.  The A500 gets a 12-megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor and the A850 will have the same 24.6-megapixel sensor as the Sony A900.

[via DPR]

Sony A500 and A850

Sony A500

A german site, digitalkamera.de has provided additional info on the coming Sony A500 and A850.  While there a few mysteries left to the Sony A850 since the full manual leaked online, details of the Sony A500 (other than it’s existence) has been scant.

If the report is to be believed, which it appears credible, the Sony A500 specs appear to be as follows: [Read more...]

Canon 1D Mark IV, Nikon D700x, Sony A850 and More Rumor Updates

I received a tip that the September 2009 edition of Résponse Photo, a popular French magazine, that the Canon 1D Mark IV would be announced on August 25.  That’s Tuesday for those of you who don’t have your calendar handy.


I looked around the Interweb and couldn’t seem to find an online presence for Response Photo, other than the publisher’s site.  However, a poster on the Spanish forum Ojo Digital corroborates this tip and provides a little further insight as to what’s in the issue, including tips on the Nikon D700x or D800 and Sony’s new Alphas (via Google’s automated translation):

- A Nikon D700x (or D800) that should be the D3x what the D700 to the D3 (Sensor Sony 24 Mpx).
- One that replaces the Canon 1D Mk III … (anunciada el 25 de agosto) (announced on August 25)
- A Pentax entry-level …
- Three Sony models, two bodies twins who come to fill an empty space range today and a third that seeks to satisfy the fans who consider 24×36 expensive current models be announced on August 27 and will hit stores on September 15 . . . announce a complete test in the October issue.

Rumors of the Nikon D700x have been rattling around for a long time now (pretty much since the Nikon D3x was announced December 2008).  I’m skeptical that Nikon has such a camera planned this soon after the D700, but I’ve been wrong on these feelings before.

The Canon 1D Mark IV sounds plausible; however, that date is inconsistent with other rumors we’ve heard.

A replacement for the Pentax K2000 seems a little quick as well, but manufacturers seem to be shortening the product life cycle more and more.

The three Sony models sounds like the real deal though.  I think that the reference to the 24x36mm shooter is clearly the Sony A850, which has all but been announced.  The other two that fill a new slot in the lineup is likely the Sony A500 and A550.

Sony A850 Pictured

Sony A850

A German online retailer, Fotobrenner has listed the Sony A850 for 1.999,00€, which is a discount of about 500€ off the A900.

Fotobrenner has also posted an image of the A850 on its product page, which is either the same body as the A900 or is a Photoshop job to give us something to look at.

Sony A850 Listing

Recall that the Sony A850 manual was leaked directly from Sony a couple weeks ago.

What do you think?  Legit?  Or is Fotobrenner just following the rumor trail like the rest of us?

[via Dyxum]

Sony A750, A850 and A950 Leaks

Sony A750, A850, A950

More presumed leaks directly from Sony.  This time, you can add the A750 and A950 to the already unveiled Sony A850.  The hole appears to already have been plugged on Sony’s site.

Additionally, there was some speculation a few days back on DP Review forums that tossed out these model number, along with price and sensor specs:

1.  A950 with backlit 24.6Mp Exmor sensor @ $2999.95

2.  A850 with 24.6 Mp @ $1999.95

3.  A750 with 14MP backlit senssor @ $1200.00.

The poster nailed the A850 sensor and is probably pretty close on price as well.  Having pulled these model names of thin air is a pretty lucky guess – or maybe he knows something we don’t…?

[via xitek.com]