Sony A700 Review

Sony A700

The Sony A700 is rather aged at the time of this review in DSLR years.  I expect a refresh soon; however, I had one on my hands while working on the Sony A330 Review and thought it would be worthwhile to share my thoughts on this camera – mainly, because I really like it.

The Sony A700 was Sony’s first serious DSLR.  It was the second Alpha-series DSLR to be released and followed the introductory A100.  It was and still is a worthy second offering.  To find out why I think so, keep reading. [Read more…]


Sony A330 vs. A300 vs. A700 Review – ISO Comparison

The Sony A330 is one of the new entry-level Sony Alpha DSLRs, replacing the revolutionary A300.  The standout feature in the A300 and A330 is the fast-autofocus Live View display.  One step behind this awesome feature is the fact that the screen articulates.  These features are solid and, frankly speaking, put Nikon and Canon’s efforts of Live View in a DSLR to shame.

However, fancy features mean nothing if image quality is not up to snuff.  In today’s digital imaging world, a big component of overall image quality focuses on low light performance – and that means clean images at high ISO.  The Sony A330 and A300’s max sensitivity setting is at ISO 3200, while the Canon Rebel T1i and Nikon D5000 cover the sensitivity range up to ISO 12800 and ISO 6400, respectively.  Sony’s A700 has a max sensitivity up to ISO 6400. [Read more…]