Sony A330 Review

The Sony A330 is 10.2-megapixel DSLR that is a follow-up to the groundbreaking A300.  I wouldn’t necessarily call the Sony A330 an upgrade to the A300 – more like a refresh.

First off, let me get to the point of who this camera is for – consumers upgrading from point and shoot cameras, period.  It’s not a typical enthusiast, or aspiring pro shooter’s camera.  It’s not a do-it-all DSLR like the Canon Rebel T1i or Nikon D5000.  This camera is first and foremost for those folks out there who are thinking about a DSLR but are a little intimidated by all the bells, whistles and interchangeable lenses found on DSLRs. [Read more…]


Sony A330 vs. A300 vs. A700 Review – ISO Comparison

The Sony A330 is one of the new entry-level Sony Alpha DSLRs, replacing the revolutionary A300.  The standout feature in the A300 and A330 is the fast-autofocus Live View display.  One step behind this awesome feature is the fact that the screen articulates.  These features are solid and, frankly speaking, put Nikon and Canon’s efforts of Live View in a DSLR to shame.

However, fancy features mean nothing if image quality is not up to snuff.  In today’s digital imaging world, a big component of overall image quality focuses on low light performance – and that means clean images at high ISO.  The Sony A330 and A300’s max sensitivity setting is at ISO 3200, while the Canon Rebel T1i and Nikon D5000 cover the sensitivity range up to ISO 12800 and ISO 6400, respectively.  Sony’s A700 has a max sensitivity up to ISO 6400. [Read more…]

Sony Officially Announces 3 New Alpha DSLRs

Sony has finally officially unveiled its new entry-level DSLRs, the A230, A330 and A380.  The Sony A230 and A330 feature 10.2 megapixel sensors, while the A380 features a 14.2 megapixel sensor.  The A330 and A380 both feature the popular quick autofocus Live View system that made the A300 and A350 so popular, along with the tilting LCD.

The new DSLRs appear to be refreshed versions of their respective predecessors, the A200, A300 and A350.  Sony is promoting the reduction in weight and size as an advantage of the new models.  While I’ll gladly welcome a reduction in weight, I think the size of the prior models was just about right. (See PB’s Sony A350 Review) We’ll see if the change in size adversely affects the handling.

The cameras will be available for pre-order beginning on May 18th.  The will come in kit form with an 18-55mm lens.  The Sony A230 kit carries an MSRP of $550.  The A330 and A380 come in at $650 and $850, respectively.

More details in the press release below. [Read more…]

More Sony DSLR Leaks

I’m sticking to my guns on a release of the Sony A230, A330 and A380 for next week.

Of course all of the cameras will feature SteadyShot (i.e., the internal sensor-based image stabilizer).  As was the case with the A300 and A350, their respective replacements, the A330 and the A380 will offer the tilting LCD screen.  Unfortunately, it appears that the LCD tilt function is pretty much the same as it was last generation – so there’s no adjustment to aid with portrait-oriented shots.  Of course, the solid Live View function also remains intact.

It also appears that the new Alpha DSLRs will feature the same megapixel quantities as their respective predecessors – A230 = 10.1 megapixels, A330 = 10.1 megapixels, and A380 at 14.2 megapixels.  We also know that senstivity will only reach ISO 3200 (at least on the A380).

Clearly aiming toward the consumer crowd, Sony has freshened up the graphical display to more clearly convey the effect that shutter and aperture choices have on the exposure.  Also featured is a directory to explain what different shooting modes do.  These are both things that Nikon or Canon has done in one form or the other over the past generation or two of entry-level DSLRs.

Other bells and whistles include an HDMI port, Dynamic Range Optimizer, 40-segment exposure meter, and Smart Teleconverter (aka digital zoom).

Here’s the major leak screen capture from, as translated via Google translator. [Read more…]

New Sony Alpha DSLR Update

The three new DSLR Alpha models from Sony now appear to be all-but-official with leaked images on the Sony Style sites now making their rounds on blogs and forums accross the Interwebs.  Again, the models appear to be the Sony A380, Sony A330 and Sony A230, which would obviously replace the existing Sony A350, Sony A300 and Sony A200, respectively. [Read more…]

Sony A230, A330 and A380 Rumors

[UPDATE: The Sony A230, A330 and A380 have been officially announced. Click here for more details.]

Gap Intelligence may have the drop on the latest Sony DSLR lineup.  Earlier this week, we dropped the news of the Sony A330, which is all-but-confirmed via Sony’s own support page.  Now, Gap Intelligence is tweeting that the new models will be the A230 and A380 in addition to the A330.

Sony’s new DSLRs: Alpha DSLR-A230, DSLR- A330, and DSLR- A380. That is all.

More word when we have it.