Homemade Soft Boxes

5 completed softboxes

I recently decided that I wanted to take my food photography up to another level, and in order to really make that work, I needed some soft boxes to better diffuse light.

The problem was that all of the available soft boxes I could find cost upwards of $100 apiece (and I would certainly need at least two soft boxes to make my setup work). Since this was just a project for sharing amongst my friends, rather than for paying work, I couldn’t justify the expense. [Read more…]

Speedlight Gels and Softbox Grids with Joe McNally

Here’s a great video from Joe McNally and Adorama TV.  Joe’s working a Nikon D800 with the built-in flash as the commander flash, a Lastolite Ezybox softbox with grid and a red-gelled speedlight for a background light.

If you haven’t checked out Joe’s book, The Hot Shoe Diaries, there’s lots more of great speedlight info like this in there.

[via FStoppers]

DIY Softbox

Last weekend, my wife asked me if I wanted to shoot her brother’s yearbook pictures.  I said, “Sure,” without really knowing what to expect.  She told me they would be less formal than a traditional high school’s yearbook photos because, in his home school group, it’s up to the parents to get the photos done and to the yearbook editors.  “Something nice in the backyard,” she said. Upon my arrival, however, the in-laws wanted a more traditional/formal shot for the yearbook.

Softboxes for $0.16

I don’t really have a great portrait setup, so my next question was, “Do you have a couple of shoeboxes?”  [Read more…]