Canon’s Plans for New Cameras that Approach SLR Image Quality

Canon G1 X

In a recent earnings call, Canon mentioned an upcoming camera announcement that will approach SLR image quality.  Smells like a true mirrorless camera may be in the works for Canon – unlike the big-sensored G1 X.

Next, I will discuss our full year projection for the camera segment. We expect a strong global demand for SLR cameras to continue driven by such factors as an expanding user base and replacement demand.

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Canon Produces 40 Million EOS SLR Cameras

The Canon EOS series started with the EOS 650 film camera in 1987 (that’s mine above).  Since then, Canon has produced 40 million EOS SLR cameras, 20 million of which have been digital.  While it took 10 years for Canon to produce its first 10 million EOS cameras, it has take less than 3 years to produce the last 10 million units.

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50th Anniversary of the Canon SLR

2009 marks the 50th year that some version of a Canon SLR has been around. Take a walk down memory lane starting with the Canonflex above, which was released in 1959.

As you’ll see below, Canon launched the EOS 650 in 1987 as its first electronic mount SLR.  When I read this press release, I had to go get my EOS 650 out of my file cabinet and gander at it for a few minutes.  I’ve even got the original product brochure, which boasts “a super-fast autofocus system” – I kid you not.  I am totally busting out the EOS 650 with a roll of film this weekend!

Happy Anniversary Canon!

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Kodak SLR Brings Film Back Into the Picture

In a report from Amateur Photographer, we learned that Vivitar and Kodak are joining forces to bring a new Kodak-branded 35mm SLR back to the market and attempt to create a now-niche foothold for film users.

‘Vivitar has plans to develop a Kodak SLR camera similar to the Vivitar V3000s,’ said Vivitar UK CEO Abbas Bhanji who added: ‘The planned KV100 is, at the moment, at the development stages and once released will be aimed at educational institutes who specialise in traditional photography.’

I, for one, welcome this development with fond memories of my Ricoh KR Super II. Best wishes to Kodak and Vivitar in this endeavor. Maybe Kodak will bring back HIE-135 as well?