2am Collection from Acme Made

Acme Made has announced a few new camera cases that I think my wife would call chic.  Unforntunately (or, or fortunately – depending on how you see it), I’m not a big judge of fashion.  However, when my wife saw the new SLIP Pouch from Acme Made, she made cooing noises that I generally associate with trips to the mall.  I took this as a positive opinion on her behalf.

These new cases are surprisingly affordable and will be available in March 2009.

Gentlemen, I would not be caught carrying one of these camera cases; however, you may be otherwise inclined – or, perhaps, like me, you should pick one up for your better half.

Ladies, please judge accordingly in the comments.

More details and images, which were pulled from Acme Made’s press sheet, appear below. [Read more…]