Site Update

Photography Bay just refreshed its design in favor of what I think is a cleaner and better design.  If you’re reading this post by RSS or email delivery, click on through and see what it looks like.

We’re still working out all the gremlins of the code, so please let us know in the comments below of anything that looks out of place or broken.  I don’t think there’s anything major still around, but I’ve already noticed a couple minor issues, and if it appears to be too difficult to modify on the site live, we may go back to the previous design for a bit until we get things sorted out.

[Update: If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, there are a number of bugs that you will encounter and this site cannot be used to its full capabilities.  I am trying to fix some of these bugs, but I doubt that I’ll get to all of them. IE 6 was introduced in 2001 – it’s really time for a new browser.

At the very least, I recommend that you upgrade to Internet Explorer 7.  If you are interested in the best web browsing experience, I recommend going with Firefox.  You can view the download links and learn more about better browsing options at ]

[Update #2: We are experiencing some problems with comments generally and instances where comments are being directed to the wrong posts.  We are working on a solution. Fixed.]

Additionally, I’d be interested to hear what you think about the new design.  Drop your comments and derogatory remarks in the comments.

Finally, I thought I’d let you know that a new feature is coming the Photography Bay soon (hopefully in the next day or two), so stay tuned.