Rode VideoMic HD Brings Serious Audio to HDSLRs

Rode VideoMic HD

The thing about shooting video with HDSLRs is the necessity of using a dual system for audio.  I’ve tried several mics that plug-in to the 5D’s mic port and there are many good ones; however, none replace the quality you get from an external recorder and a shotgun mic (my favorite being the Rode NTG-3).

Even if you’re rolling with something small like a Zoom H4n, you need a couple of mounting points for the recorder and mic, which needs to be in a shock mount to avoid noise from camera handling or cords tapping against your gear.  Now, that simple little HDSLR run-and-gun kit looks like your TV’s cable box vomited on top of your camera.  And, you’d better not forget to hit record twice (camera and H4n) before you call ‘action’ (*raises hand). [Read more…]

HDSLR Gear That Saves the Day

I’ve been working on a short film project recently with my church (along with our in-house video director/my very good friend Nick, and some very talented volunteers). The short film is something we plan to use as part of our Easter morning service later this month.  We’re shooting it entirely on the Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 7D. We shot most of the scenes in one day at two locations (around 25 total set ups for a 16+ hour shooting day).  Yesterday, we wrapped up with the intro scene, which calls for the lead character in a vehicle talking on a cell phone.

I thought I would share some of the random little tools that really saved the day and helped us get the shots (and audio) that were critical to this production. [Read more…]

Rode Videomic Pro Compared to Original Videomic

Carl from Digital SLR Shooter put together the above comparison video between the new Rode Videomic Pro and the original Rode Videomic.  I’m pretty impressed with the difference the +20db gain setting makes on noise for the new mic.  Thanks for sharing your test Carl. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to try one out for myself soon.

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