Olympus TOUGH TG-810 is “Crushproof”

The Olympus TG-810 is the latest in the TOUGH lineup.  As the flagship camera in this line, Olympus has now upped the ante, claiming that the TG-810 is “crushproof.”  Other adjectives that describe this camera’s ruggedness include, waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof and scratch resistant.  Frankly, I’m a little disappointed that Olympus makes a camera that is crushproof, yet only scratch resistant

All jokes aside, the TG-810 leads headlines Olympus’ lineup of rugged cameras with a 14MP sensor, 5x optical zoom (28-140mm equivalent), 720p HD video capture and a nice 3-inch, 920k-dot resolution LCD.  Additionally, the TG-810 sports a GPS unit and electronic compass, which makes it even more of an outdoor-ready camera.

The TG-810 should be available in April at an initial retail price of $399.99.  Check availability on Amazon.com.

More details in the press release below. [Read more…]

Olympus TG-610 and TG-310

Olympus announced the waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof TG-610 and TG-310 at CES 2011 last week.  Both cameras feature a 14MP sensor and the ability to capture 720p HD video.  The TG-310 offers a 3.6x optical zoom lens, while the TG-610 steps up to a 5x optical zoom.

The TG-610 also offers a high resolution 3-inch LCD at 920k-dot res, while the TG-310 has a 230k-dot res 2.7-inch LCD.  Both models are compatible with SDXC memory cards.

Both cameras are waterproof down to 16 feet, shockproof at up to 5 feet drops and freezeproof down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

The TG-610 should be available in February at an initial retail price of $299.99.  Check availability on Amazon.com.

The TG-310 should also be available in February, but at a lower initial retail price of $199.99.  Check availability on Amazon.com.

More details in the press release below. [Read more…]

Pentax Optio W90 Now Available In Orange, Earth Remains on Axis

In perhaps some of the most exciting news of the week, the Pentax Optio W90 is now available in orange (in addition to green and black).  While Pentax’s press statement failed to reveal the reasons for the delay of an orange camera, rumors continue to circulate that the long wait for an orange W90 was due to an actual shortage of the color orange, which was in turn caused by a less than stellar year on the color wheel, along with the fact that it is no longer receiving compliments from blue.

Additional sources cited fears that UT Vol fans would lose such a camera in or around the checkerboard end zone at Neyland Stadium.  Local Best Buy stores in Knoxville, Tennessee report that consumers are already forming lines outside for the anticipated July release of the orange W90 at $329.95. You can also check availability on Amazon.com.

In other news, your refrigerator is running.

Pentax Optio W90 Brief Hands-On

Pentax Optio W90

While the Pentax Optio W90 has just been announced, I had the opportunity to get some hands-on time with a preproduction model of the new camera at CES 2010 last month.  For my first impressions on the 12MP deathproof camera, keep reading. [Read more…]

Fuji FinePix XP10 Reviews and Resources

Fuji FinePix XP10

The Fuji FinePix XP10 is a rugged point and shoot camera. As Fuji calls it, it’s “Four-Proof” – waterproof, freezeproof, shockproof and dustproof.

The XP10 features a 12MP sensor, 2.7″ LCD and 5x optical zoom.  It can dive down to 10 feet underwater, handle 3 foot drops and chill at 14-degrees Fahrenheit.  The XP10 can also capture 720p HD video.

The Fuji XP10 should be available in February 2010 at an initial retail price of $199.95. Check availability on Amazon.com.

Fuji XP10 Reviews


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