Canon LP-E6 Battery Pack Service Notice Issued

Canon LP-E6

Canon has issued a service notice for the common LP-E6 battery used in several Canon DSLRs, including the 5D Mark III, 6D, 7D, 70D and others.

The notice affects those who experience a rapid blinking light on the charger when the battery is inserted, which indicates a “communication error” according to Canon’s service notice. When this happens, the battery will not charge.

See the full service notice below for details on the issue. [Read more…]


Canon Issues AF Problem Service Notice for Canon 1D X

Some Canon 1D X units are not able to focus at f/8 aperture with lens/extender combos even after the latest firmware update. Canon has issued a service notice for affected units.

Canon 1D X units with the sixth digit from the left in the body number is 4 or 5 may be affected. Canon recommends overwriting the firmware with the latest copy available. More details in the full product advisory below. [Read more…]

Canon Rebel T4i Recalled for Defective Grips

Canon Rebel T4i

As an update to the Canon Rebel T4i service notice last month, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall for certain serial numbers of the Canon Rebel T4i.  Also note that Canon has just issued an update to its previous service notice for additional serial numbers that were not initially reported as affected units. [Read more…]

Canon 7D Service Notice Re: Residual Image in Picture

Canon USA has issued a service notice regarding a phenomenon where traces of the immediately preceding frame may be visible in an image file from the Canon 7D.  This has apparently occurred in situations using continuous shooting mode.  According to Canon, the problem “is not noticeable in an image with optimal exposure.”

As the notice states, “Canon is currently investigating and analyzing the cause of this phenomenon, and we are planning to release a firmware update to address this issue.”

I have been unable to reproduce this effect in testing the 7D today; however, an unofficial discussion and sample images demonstrating the problem appear in DPR forums here.  According to one observer, optimal conditions for reproducing this error include the following:

1. Shoot with maximum continuous shooting rate.(8.05fps)
2. Shoot with fast shutter speed.(>1/500s ?)
3. Image’s back ground is flat and bright.(Blue sky,etc)
4. Target is a fast moving object.(Bird,Jet fighter,etc)
5. 2nd or later frame image has a ghost of previous frame image.

You can read the entire service notice on Canon’s website.

Canon Issues Service Notice for EOS-1D Mark III & EOS-1Ds Mark III

Canon has issued a service notice for its two flagship pro cameras, the 1D Mark III and the 1Ds Mark III.  The service notice relates to excess oil used to lube moving parts inside the mirror box.  Unfortunately, if too much oil is applied during the manufacturing of the cameras, it can lead to spots on the sensor.  Canon is offering to clean the mirror box of affected cameras free of charge.

We offer our most sincere apologies to customers using these products who have been inconvenienced by this issue. Going forward, we will spare no effort in our quality management to make sure our customers can use our products with confidence. We hope our efforts will earn your understanding.

More details are available on Canon’s service notice page.