Canon Develops 250MP APS-H CMOS Sensor

Canon 250MP CMOS Sensor

Canon has announced the development of a 250MP APS-H format CMOS sensor and has a working prototype camera using the super high resolution sensor.

The APS-H format was used in prior Canon 1D models and measures 29.2 x 20.2mm. The sensor resolution is 19,580 x 12,600 pixels. That is 125x greater resolution that 1080p HD video and 30x more resolution than 4K video.

The new CMOS sensor has mind-blowing readout speed of 1.25 billion pixels per second!

While we may scoff today at 250MP, it was only a eight years ago that Canon’s announcement of an in-development 50MP sensor seemed unrealistic. And today, of course, we have the Canon 5Ds.

More details in the press release below. [Read more…]


Sony Image Sensor Size Comparison

Sony Image Sensor Size Comparison

Above is another one of the cool tech displays from Sony’s booth at CES. It shows the sensor size comparison for Sony cameras starting with a compact camera with a 1/2.3″ sensor on the right side and moving up to a full frame size sensor on the left side.

As many of you know, the full frame Sony 35mm sensor is found in the Sony A7 Series and the A99 SLT camera. The APS-C sensor is found in cameras like the Sony A6000 and A5100. Sony is using the CX Format nomenclature for 1″ sensors like what is found in the Sony RX100 and RX10.

New Camera in Apple’s iPhone 5s Features Sony Image Sensor

iPhone 5s camera 1

Apple’s new camera in the iPhone 5s is receiving some high praise. While there is more to the camera than just the sensor, the image sensor is the backbone of the overall camera system. After tearing down the iPhone 5s, the folks at iFixit have determined that the 8MP sensor inside the camera is consistent with Sony design. [Read more…]

Nikon D800 Sensor Confirmed as “Made by Sony”

Nikon D800

It’s been no secret that Sony is a major supplier of sensors in past Nikon DSLRs.  With the past few generations of DSLRs, however, Nikon has been rather coy about the sourcing of the actual sensors within the cameras.  When asked, Nikon reps usually respond by saying the sensor is “designed by Nikon” and refuse to provide further details on who actually makes the sensor. [Read more…]